Transfer and Postings

Sl NoIssued OnDepartment Description
113/02/2017AdministrationCorrigendum against Transfer and posting of JEEs vide Notification no. 54 to 103 dt. 09/02/2017
210/02/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of Assistant IT Managers vide Notification no. 42 to 44 dt. 10/02/2017
309/02/2017AdministrationPosting of newly appointed JEEs against BSPHCL Emp.No 04/2016
409/02/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of JEEs vide Notification no 54 to 103 dt. 09/02/2017
507/02/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of EEEs & AEEs vide Company Notification No. 236 to 244 dated 07.02.2017
603/02/2017AdministrationPosting of newly appointed Assistant IT Manager vide notification no. 32 dated: 03.02.17
731/01/2017AdministrationTransfer & Posting of newly appointed IT Managers vide Notification No-26 dt.31/01/2017
831/01/2017AdministrationTransfer & Posting of newly appointed AEEs Vide Notification No-24 dt.31/01/2017
931/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of AEEs vide Company Notification No. 123 to 219 dated 31.01.2017
1024/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of EEEs and AEEs vide Company Notification No. 88 to 103 dated 24.01.2017
1111/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of Sri Amresh Kumar, JEE vide Notification No. 13 dated:- 11.01.17
1210/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of Sri Rajesh Kumar Burnwal, AEE (Project-II), Company Hqr. vide notification no. 23 dated 10.01.2017
1307/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and Posting of JEEs vide Notification No. 05-08 dated 07.01.2017
1406/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and posting of Sri Vijay Malakar, JEE (Project),ESSD Nawada vide Notification No. 02 dated 06.01.2017
1502/01/2017AdministrationTransfer and Posting of Sr. Manager and A.O.
1619/12/2016AdministrationTransfer order of Miss Sarmeen Afakia, IT manager, ESD, Barh vide Notification No. 288 dated:- 19.12.16
1716/12/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed IT Manager Vide Notification No-458 dt.16/12/2016
1808/12/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of Sri Sanjeev Kumar ,AEE vide Notification No. 1816 dated:- 08.12.16
1905/12/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of JEEs vide letter no. - 965 to 972 dt.:- 05.12.16
2002/12/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of EEE vide Letter No - 1760_1782 dt. 02.12.16
2102/12/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of JEEs vide letter no - 957 to 963 dt. 02.12.16
2223/11/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of AEEs vide notification no. 1719-1720 dt.23/11/2016
2319/11/2016AdministrationPosting of newly appointed Junior Assistant, vide Office Order No. 1598, dated:-19/11/16
2419/11/2016AdministrationPosting of newly appointed Unskilled Worker, vide Office Order No. 1597, dated:-19/11/16
2518/11/2016AdministrationTransfer Order of Sri Lal Bahadur Prasad, Cashier, ESSD Dumraon, Buxar vide O/o No. 1596 dated 18.11.16
2618/11/2016AdministrationMd. Nesar Ahmad, JEE who is released from suspension is posed as JEE, ESS Pakribarawan (Nawada) with immediate effect until further orders.
2720/10/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of EEE,AEE, JEE Vide Notification No-877 to 892 dt.20/10/2016
2801/10/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed IT_Manager Vide Notification No-827 dt.01/10/2016
2901/10/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed AEE_Civil Vide Notification No-831 dt.01/10/2016
3001/10/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed AEE Vide Notification No-829 dt.01/10/2016
3101/10/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of AEE, JEE & RO vide notification no 833 to 852 dt.01/10/2016
3201/10/2016AdministrationSri Rajesh Kumar Panday, Assistant Electrical Engineer T.R.W Phulwarisarif is deputed to Electric Supply Division, Patna City for Prakash Utsav.
3330/09/2016AdministrationAuthorization Letter to Look After the work of Dy. General Manger cum Electrical Superintending Engineer and Electrical Superintending Engineer in addition to their own duties.
3419/09/2016AdministrationTransfer and Posting of JEEs vide notification No. 794-795 dt: 19.09.2016
3509/09/2016AdministrationSri Ranjit Kumar, ESE, ESC, PESU (East) Patna is allowed to look after the work of GM cum CE, PESU Electric Supply Area, PESU, Patna as well as of ESE, ESC, PESU (W), Patna in addition to his own duties.
3609/09/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed AEE_Civil Vide Notification No-352 dt.09/09/2016
3709/09/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed AEE_Electrical Vide Notification No-350 dt.09/09/2016
3809/09/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of newly appointed IT_Manager Vide Notification No-348 dt.09/09/2016
3909/09/2016AdministrationTransfer/Posting of AEE & JEE Vide Notification No-1360 to 1395 dt.09/09/2016
4029/08/2016AdministrationCorrigendum of notification no. 1234 dt 20.08.16
4120/08/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of AEEs & EEE vide notification no. 1226 to 1236 dated: 20.08.2016
4220/08/2016AdministrationPosting of Sri Avinash Anand, AEE who has been released from suspension vide office order no. 1146 dt. 16.08.16
4309/08/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting Junior Electrical Engineers vide notification no. 725 to 731 dated: 09.08.2016
4404/08/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting Junior Electrical Engineers vide notification no. 702 to 710 dated: 04.08.2016
4522/07/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of Assistant Electrical Engineers vide Notification No 1025 to 1028
4622/07/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of workman vide office order number 955
4722/07/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting Junior Electrical Engineers vide notification no 667 to 683
4822/07/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of ESEs and EEEs vide Notification No 1030 to 1041
4915/07/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of EEEs vide Notification No.- 988 to 989 dt: 15/07/2016
5015/07/2016AdministrationTransfer of Sri Arun Kumar, CC
5114/07/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of AEE & JEEs vide notification no. 983- 986 dated 14.07.2016
5201/07/2016AdministrationThe Notification no. 901 dt. 28.06.16 through which Sri S. P. Singh, EEE(Technical, ESC, Bhagalpur allowed to look after the work of ESE, ESC, Munger in addition to his own duties is herebay cancelled.
5301/07/2016AdministrationSri Vijay Kumar Srivastava, EEE (Technical), ESC, Gaya allowed to look after the work of DGM-Cum-ESE, ESA, Gaya as well the charge of EEE (Technical), ESC, Munger with the work of ESE, ESC, Munger with immediate effect.
5429/06/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of JEE vide Notification No- 591 to598 dt.28/06/2016
5529/06/2016AdministrationTransfer Order of Store Workman vide Office Order No.789 dated:- 29.06.16
5628/06/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of ESE
5728/06/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of EEE
5828/06/2016Administrationtransfer posting of JEE
5927/06/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of JEEs vide notification no. 580- 581 dated 27.06.2016
6009/06/2016AdministrationTransfer order of Store Assistant vide Office Order No. 717, dt:- 09.06.2016
6108/06/2016AdministrationTransfer posting of EEE (Supply), vide Notification No- 806 to 817 dated 08/06/2016
6208/06/2016AdministrationAddition charge of own duties of Md. Irshad Akhtar, EEE (Comm.)SBPDCL vide Notification No- 819 dated- 08/06/2016
6308/06/2016AdministrationTransfer order of Sri Umesh Bhagat, EEE, ESD Katihar, NBPDCL vide Notification no. 821 dt:- 08.06.16
6426/05/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of AEE & JEEs vide notification no. 475- 480 dated 26.05.2016
6524/05/2016AdministrationPosting of Sri Prashant Kumar newly recruited JEE vide Notification no. 466 dated 24.05.2016
6624/05/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of JEEs vide notification no. 468- 469 dated 24.05.2016
6724/05/2016AdministrationTransfer and posting of JEEs vide notification no. 471- 472 dated 24.05.2016
6820/05/2016AdministrationTransfer Order of EEE-R-APDRP & AEE R-APDRP vide letter no - 692 & 693 dt.20/05/2016
6919/05/2016AdministrationJoining Acceptance & Posting of Sri Vijay Shankar Singh, Junior Electrical Engineer in pursuance of BSP(H)CL Office Order No- 351 dated 31/03/2015
7010/05/2016AdministrationTransfer of AEEs & JEEs vide notification no. 628 - 634 dated : 10.05.2016
7110/05/2016AdministrationNotification regarding Transfer and Posting of Promoted Officers (EEE to ESE)
7210/05/2016AdministrationNotification regarding Transfer and Posting of Promoted Officers (ESE to CE)
7318/04/2016AdministrationTransfer of AEEs vide notification no. 536 - 537 dated : 18.04.2016
7418/04/2016AdministrationTransfer Order of Sri Tarkeshwar Kumar, JEE (Revenue), ESSD, Jhajha
7505/04/2016AdministrationTransfer of JEEs vide notification no. 342 - 346 dated : 05.04.2016
7611/03/2016AdministrationOffice Order No. 208 dt. 16.02.2016 by which transfer order of Sri Manoj Kumar, Head Clerk, ESD, Kankarbagh-II was restored is hereby postponed with immediate effect until further order and he is posted at ESD, Kankarbagh-II
7709/03/2016AdministrationTransfer of EEE & AEEs vide notification no. 325 - 327 dated : 09.03.2016
7817/02/2016AdministrationTransfer and Posting of Electrical Executive Engineer vide notification No. 21 Dated : 17.02.2016
7902/01/2016AdministrationTransfer of EEE vide notification no. 01 & 02 dated : 02.01.2016
8009/12/2015AdministrationPostpone of transfer Order of various Officers and Workmen of SBPDCL who was transferred on 05.12.2015
8109/12/2015AdministrationThe Posting of Sri Sarvesh kumar Singh as AEE (Rev.), ESD, Rajgir is postponed with immediate effect until further orders.
8209/12/2015AdministrationThe Posting of Sri Ram Virendra Prasad as EEE, Central Store, Biharsarif is postponed with immediate effect until further orders.
8305/12/2015AdministrationTransfer of JEEs vide notification no. 1613 & 1614
8405/12/2015AdministrationTransfer of workman vide notification Number 1819-1821 dated 05.12.2015
8505/12/2015AdministrationVacation of suspension and Transfer of Sri Ram Birendra Prasad, EEE vide Office Order No. 1822 dated: 05.12.2015
8605/12/2015AdministrationTransfer of JEEs vide notification no. 1616 & 1617
8705/12/2015AdministrationVacation of suspension and Transfer of Sri Sarvesh Kumar Singh, AEE vide Office Order No. 1825 dated: 05.12.2015
8805/12/2015AdministrationTransfer of AEEs vide notification no. 1594 & 1595 dated 05.12.2015
8905/12/2015AdministrationTransfer of Sri Kumar Ram Balak, EEE (Comml. & Rev.), Nalanda ESC, Biharsarif vide Notification No. 1592 dated 05.12.2015
9007/09/2015AdministrationTransfer of AEEs and JEEs vide Company Notification No. 1303 to 1307 dated 07.09.2015
9107/09/2015AdministrationTransfer of EEEs vide Company Notification No. 1309 to 1310 dated 07.09.2015
9204/09/2015AdministrationTransfer of Account Officer vide Company Notification No. 226 to 228 dated 04.09.2015
9311/08/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of Sri Mithlesh Kumar Sinha, Steno -II, Technical Services, New Punaichak, Patna.
9403/08/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of JEEs vide Notification No. 1008-1013 dt 03/08/2015
9523/07/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of Account Officer vide Notification No. 170-171 dt 23/07/2015
9623/07/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of Account Officer vide Notification No. 173 dt 23/07/2015
9702/07/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of Sri Rakesh Chaudhary, EEE vide Notification No. 1042 dt 02/07/2015
9830/06/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of AEE vide Notification No. 1036-1040 dt 30/06/2015
9930/06/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of JEE vide Notification No. 681-701 dt 30/06/2015
10030/06/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of JEE vide Notification No. 703-735 dt 30/06/2015
10130/06/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of Workman vide Office Order No. 855 dt 30/06/2015
10203/06/2015AdministrationTransfer Order of Sri Rishi Prasad CE (GTO) whose services has been returned back to SBPDCL by the BSPGCL vide Letter no. 761 dated 15.05.2015 is posted as CE (Departmental proceeding)
10302/06/2015AdministrationCorrigendum :- Place of Posting of Sri Vinay Kumar,JEE in Notification No. 931 dated 01-06-2015 may be read as Project Monitoring Cell,SBPDCL Patna in place of ESS PMCH
10401/06/2015AdministrationTransfer order of AEE & JEE vide Notification no. 930 - 931 dt 01/06/2015
10501/06/2015AdministrationSuspension Order of Sri Kamal Kumar Singh, JEE, ESS Mohania vide O/o No- 703 Dt. 01/06/2015
10601/06/2015AdministrationSuspension Order of Sri Sarvesh Kumar Singh, AEE, ESSD Mohania vide O/o No- 702 Dt. 01/06/2015
10730/05/2015AdministrationSuspension Order of Sri Praveen Kumar, JEE, ESS Jamalpur (R) vide O/o No- 698 Dt. 30/05/2015
10829/05/2015AdministrationPosting of Junior Assistant/ Unskilled Worker, vide Office Order No. 694, dated:-29/05/15
10920/05/2015AdministrationPosting of Newly Appointed Correspondence Clerk, vide Office Order No. 654, dated:-20/05/15
11020/05/2015AdministrationPosting of Newly Appointed Store Assistant, vide Office Order No. 655, dated:-20/05/15
11118/05/2015AdministrationTransfer order of EEE and AEE vide Notification no - 898_903 dt 18/05/2015
11218/05/2015AdministrationTransfer order of JEE vide Notification no - 563_564 dt 18/05/2015
11318/05/2015AdministrationVacation of suspension of Sri Dhirendra Kumar, AEE vide Order No. 649 dated: 18.05.2015
11418/05/2015AdministrationVacation of suspension of Sri Surendra Kumar, EEE vide Order No. 650 dated: 18.05.2015
11507/05/2015AdministrationTransfer order of GTO Cader Electricals Engineers Transferred to BSPGCL.
11607/05/2015AdministrationTransfer order of Electricals Engineers vide letter no - 819_858 dt 07/05/2015
11707/05/2015AdministrationPosting of Junior Assistant/ Unskilled Worker, vide Office Order No. 597, dated:-07/05/15
11810/04/2015AdministrationLook after order of the work for DGM cum ESE, Central Area, Patna, Vide Notification No - 683 dated 10/04/2015
11926/03/2015AdministrationPosting notification of Sri Praveen Kumar (JEE-Jamalpur ( R), Vide notification no. - 403, Dt.- 26/03/2015
12026/03/2015AdministrationPosting notification of Sri Rajesh Kumar (JEE-ESD- Jamui), Vide notification no. - 401, Dt.- 26/03/2015
12120/03/2015AdministrationTransfer order of sri Arvind Kumar, EEE(Arwal) vide Order no- 365 dt 20/03/2015
12220/03/2015AdministrationTransfer order of JEE(Birpur-R) & Chapra(R) vide Order no- 287 & 288 dt 20/03/2015
12320/03/2015AdministrationTransfer order of EEE(Tech) Gaya & EEE(Project) Kaimur, vide Order no- 545 dt 20/03/2015
12417/02/2015AdministrationPosting notification of Sri Satendra Prasad EEE,ESD, Kaimur, Vide notification no- 369, Dt.-17/02/2015
12516/02/2015AdministrationLook after order of the work of Sri Rajiv Amit, ESE Comm. Vide Notification No - 367 date 16/02/2015
12611/02/2015AdministrationAppointment notification of Sri Raja Raman Mehta for the post of JEE-Civil Gr. II vide N/o no -37 dt.11/02/2015
12711/02/2015AdministrationTransfer notification of Sri Arvind Kumar Singh(JEE-Jamalpur ( R), Vide notification no. - 268, Dt.-11/02/2015
12804/02/2015AdministrationSuspension Order of Sri Varun Kumar Vikash, AEE(ESSD-Machuatoli) vide O/o No- 161 Dt. 04/02/2015
12904/02/2015AdministrationSuspension Order of Sri Naushad Rezvi, JEE( ESS-Mushallapur) vide O/o No- 160 Dt. 04/02/2015
13003/02/2015AdministrationLook after order of the work of General Manager Cum Chief Engineer, PESU ,Vide Notification No - 264 date 03/02/2015
13103/02/2015AdministrationTransfer Withdrawn order of Sri Suresh Kumar Vide Notification No 254 date 03/02/2015
13203/02/2015AdministrationTransfer notification of Sri Manoj Kumar (EEE-Metering Cell, HQ), Vide notification O/o - 234, Dt.-31/01/2015, Withdrawn.
13303/02/2015AdministrationTransfer order Vide Notification No 257 to 262 date 03/02/2015
13403/02/2015AdministrationSuspension vacant of Sri Anil Kumar , EEE(L/A)- Jamui
13531/01/2015AdministrationTransfer order of Sri Manish Kumar Singh, CC vide office Order no - 133 dt- 31/1/2015
13631/01/2015AdministrationTransfer of EEE & AEE vide Notification no 232 to 236 dt.- 31/01/2015
13731/01/2015AdministrationTransfer of AEE - Gardanibagh (Md Pervej Alam ) vide Notification no- 230 dt.- 31/01/2015
13830/01/2015AdministrationCorrigendum for notification no -205 dt 29/01/2015
13930/01/2015AdministrationSuspension vacant order for Sri Mirtunjay Kumar JEE-West Ara vide O.o no 128 dt-30/01/2015
14030/01/2015AdministrationSuspension vacant order for Sri Amit Kumar JEE-Attaullah vide O.o no 126 dt-30/01/2015
14130/01/2015AdministrationSuspension vacant order for Sri Raju Kumar JEE- Sherpur (Maner) vide O.o no 127 dt-30/01/2015
14214/01/2015AdministrationTransfer order of JEE Vide Notification No 34 to 36 date 14/01/2015
14307/01/2015AdministrationPosting list of newly appointed store assistant vide O/o No- 32 dated 07/01/2015
14407/01/2015AdministrationTransfer order of JEE -Board Colony, Patna Vide Notification No 08 date 07/01/2015
14507/01/2015AdministrationPosting list of newly appointed Junior Accountant Assistant vide O/o No- 31 dated 07/01/2015
14607/01/2015AdministrationPosting list of newly appointed Correspondence Clerk vide O/o No- 30 dated 07/01/2015
14720/12/2014AdministrationTransfer order of EEE Vide Notification No 2632 date 20/12/2014
14819/12/2014AdministrationTransfer order of JEE -ESS-Goh Vide Notification No 1643 date 19/12/2014
14918/12/2014AdministrationLook after order of AEE (Akhilesh Kr. Tiwary) Vide Notification No - 1762 date 18/12/2014
15018/12/2014AdministrationNotification No-1543 dated 18/12/2014 for appointment to the post of Accounts Officer.
15111/12/2014AdministrationNotification No- 2551, 2552, 2553 dated 11/12/2014.
15209/12/2014AdministrationNotification No-1525 dated 09/12/2014 for appointment to the post of JEE, Gr-II.
15309/12/2014AdministrationNotification No-1527 dated 09/12/2014 for posting of Junior Engineer (Civil), Gr-II.
15409/12/2014AdministrationNotification No-1525 dated 09/12/2014 for appointment to the post of Junior Electrical Engineer, Gr-II.
15525/11/2014AdministrationTransfer order of JEE Vide Notification No 1490 to 1499 date 25/11/2014
15625/11/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Sri Anil Kumar ,EEE- Jamui. Vide Office Order -1644 date 25/11/2014
15725/11/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Sri Rajeev Ranjan ,AEE- Sultanganj Vide Office Order -1645 date 25/11/2014
15825/11/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Sri Pawan Kumar ,EEE- Naugachiya. Vide Office Order -1646 date 25/11/2014
15925/11/2014AdministrationTransfer order of EEE Vide Notification No 2377 to 2378 date 25/11/2014
16021/10/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of EEE Project Lakhisarai & PESU West and Look after order of ESE R-APDRP, Sri Raja Sahu (EEE-ADB)
16101/10/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of newly appointed JEEs
16225/09/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting of newly appointed Account Officer, against SBPDCL Empl. No 01/2013
16325/09/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting of newly appointed Junior Engineer Gr-II, against BSPHCL Empl. No 03/2013
16425/09/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting of newly appointed Assistant Electrical Engineer, against BSPHCL Empl. No 03/2013
16524/09/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting of newly appointed Junior Engineer (civil) Gr-II, against BSPHCL Empl. No 03/2013
16623/09/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Sri Gujendra Kumar, JEE-Pusauli.
16722/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of JEE-Parwalpur & JEE-Khagaul -II Vide Notification no- 1214 to 1215 dt. 22/09/2014
16820/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting order of Sri Sujeet Kumar AEE- Islampur,vide notification no -1858 dated 20/09/2014
16919/09/2014AdministrationSri Pankaj Kumar appointed of the post of Accountant in HQ.
17017/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of Electrical Executive Engineer vide notification no - 1844 to 1847 dt.-17/09/2014
17117/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of Account Officer ESD- Jehanabad, vide Notification no- 259 to 265
17217/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of newly appointed Revenue Officer vide notification no - 1438 dt.-17/09/2014
17316/09/2014AdministrationSuspension order of EEE- Nawada
17416/09/2014AdministrationLook after order of AEE- Nawada
17516/09/2014AdministrationLook after order of AEE- (Pro) Rajgir
17616/09/2014AdministrationLook after order of AO (L/A) -Arwal
17712/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of AO vide Notification no- 1426 to 12/09/2014
17810/09/2014AdministrationTransfer Notification no -299 vide dated 10/09/2014
17910/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of AO, Munger vide Notification no- 301,dt. 10/09/2014
18009/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of JEE vide Notification no- 1147 to 1148.
18109/09/2014AdministrationConsequent upon posting of CE & ESE of SBPDCL vide BSPHCL Notification no 1334 dt. 07/09/2014.
18209/09/2014AdministrationAllotment of Look after the work of DGM (HR & Admin)
18309/09/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of JEE vide Notification no- 1150 to 1151. dt-09/09/14
18409/09/2014AdministrationEngagement of EEE(CIVIL) Vide notification no 1420 dt 09/09/2014
18529/08/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of JEEs vide Notification no- 1082 to 1099.
18628/08/2014AdministrationPosting order of Pankaj Kumar , Accountant vide notification no -1165 dt.- 28/08/2014.
18728/08/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting of newly appointed Revenue Offices against BSPHCL Empl. No 03/2013
18820/08/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of AO vide Notification no- 259 to 265
18919/08/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of Electrical Executive Engineer
19016/08/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Sri B.K.P.Singh, EEE Lakhisarai
19116/08/2014AdministrationLook after order of Lakhisarai AEE to Lakhisarai EEE
19214/08/2014AdministrationLook after order of EEE Patna(R)
19312/08/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Sri Shankar Lal Das, JEE-Barh(U)
19408/08/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting SB- Posting 15604 to 1505/2013
19508/08/2014AdministrationTransfer/Posting notification no - 1- SB-1472 to 1474 for Elec. Executive Engineer.
19606/08/2014AdministrationTransfer/Posting notification no - 1- SB-996 for Elec. Executive Engineer.
19705/08/2014AdministrationRegarding the place of posting of newly appointed Junior Accounts Assistant against Emp. no - 01/2014.
19804/08/2014AdministrationTransfer/Posting notification no - 1- SB-945 for Elec. Executive Engineer.
19904/08/2014AdministrationTransfer/Posting notification no - 2- SB-950 to 951 for Junior Elec. Engineer
20002/08/2014AdministrationTransfer/Posting notification no - 2- SB-939 to 940 for Junior Elec. Engineer
20128/07/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of newly appointed Junior Electrical Engineer.
20228/07/2014AdministrationTransfer posting for newly appointed JEE (Civil) Gr.II
20328/07/2014AdministrationTransfer posting of newly appointed AEEs
20419/07/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting notification no 891 to 911 for Junior Electrical Engineer.
20519/06/2014AdministrationNotification no-1-PF-ESE-182/13-1068 dated 19/06/2014
20612/06/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Notification for newly EEE & AEE
20712/06/2014AdministrationPosting of Junior Account Assistant vide order no 672 dated- 12/06/2014
20810/06/2014AdministrationNotification no-1-S.B.transfer-1002/2014-1066 dated 19/06/2014
20906/06/2014AdministrationSuspension Vacant of Md. Sajid Ali , ESE_ GAYA
21006/06/2014AdministrationTransfer Order of AEE (MRT_II) Ara
21106/06/2014AdministrationLook after order of DGM Ara
21203/06/2014AdministrationSuspension order of Md. Mukhtar Alam, AEE (Sheikhpura)
21304/03/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-356/Dt-04/03/14
21404/03/2014AdministrationTransfer Posting of AEE dated 04/03/2014
21504/03/2014Administrationransfer Posting of AEE,EEE,ESE dated 04/03/2014
21604/03/2014Administrationransfer Posting of AEE,EEE,ESE dated 04/03/2014
21704/03/2014Administrationransfer Posting of AEE,EEE,ESE dated 04/03/2014
21822/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-54 S-III/C/Trans & Posting -202/14/Dt-18/02/14
21922/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting SB-II/Trans-Post 7002/13-251 to 261 dt.-22/02/14
22021/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-249/SB-II/ Posting-7003/14 Dt 21/02/2014
22120/02/2014AdministrationOffice order no SB-II/Misc-1044/13-238 Dt 19/02/14
22219/02/2014AdministrationOffice order no SB-II/Misc-1044/13-238 Dt 19/02/14
22319/02/2014AdministrationOffice order no SB-II/Misc-1044/13-231 Dt 19/02/14
22419/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-232 Dt. 19/02/14
22518/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-228 Dt-18/02/14
22618/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-227 Dt-18/02/14
22718/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-226/Dt-18/02/14
22813/02/2014AdministrationDeputation Office order no-202/1/SB-Cell-15603/13
22913/02/2014AdministrationNotification 261 /1/ SB- Posting-15102/14
23013/02/2014AdministrationNotification 259/1/ SB- Posting-15102/14 dt.13.02.14
23112/02/2014AdministrationDeputation Office order no-I/SB-Cell-15603/13/194 dt 12.02.14
23212/02/2014AdministrationNotification 259/1/ SB- Posting-15102/14 dt.13.02.14
23312/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Of JEE Vide Notification No-174/Dt-12/02/14
23411/02/2014AdministrationTransfer/ Posting Notification no- 241/I/SB-Posting15102/14 Dt. 11.02.14
23510/01/2014AdministrationOffice Order No-I/SB-Posting-15/02/14/50 dated 10/01/2014 regarding On the Job Training of newly appointed Assistant Electrical Engineer vide Employment Notice No-03/2013.
23619/12/2013AdministrationTransfer Posting for JEE/MRT S/D -1, Gaya, Notification No- 537 dated 19/12/2013
23726/11/2013AdministrationJEE (General) Transfar / Posting
23806/11/2013AdministrationTransfer Posting of AEE dated 06/11/2013
23904/11/2013AdministrationTransfer Posting of EEE dated 04/11/2013
24004/11/2013AdministrationTransfer Posting of ESE dated 04/11/2013